Heathland Fees

School Fees per Term (3 Terms per Year)


Prep 1


Prep 2 & 3


Junior School

Junior 1 & 2


Junior 3 & 4


Senior School

Seniors 1,2 & 3


Senior 4


Senior 5


There is a reduction of 5% per subsequent sibling.

Additional Costs

Book Loan Charge

£29.00 per Term


£56.00 per Term


£189.00 per Term

Optional Extra Subjects (per Term)

Piano / Keyboard

£91.00 (15 minutes)


£91.00 (15 minutes)


After school supervision is available from 3.30p.m. until 5.15 p.m. at a cost of £193.00 per term. An extended period is available from 5.15p.m.to 5.45p.m. at a further charge of £53.00. For children who need to arrive in school between 8.00a.m. and 8.15a.m. there is a small charge of £27.00 per term.

Parents are advised that they may pay by monthly arrangement using Group Term Time Credit Scheme- details available from school. Otherwise, fees are due on the first day of each term and the School reserve the right to increase the fees without giving a term’s notice.

An interest charge will be applied to fees outstanding after the first day of term.

A full term’s notice of withdrawal, or the discontinuation of extra subjects must be given writing and acknowledged by the School or a full term’s fees are due.

No reduction is allowed for absence during the whole or part of the term, for any reason.